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Clonakilty is a jungle. The animals are alive. It’s up to the town to keep them that way.

This year's exhibition turns Clonakilty into an exotic jungle; filled to the brim with iconic animals, the sounds of the city replaced with the trumpeting of elephants, birdsong and monkey chatter. Park benches, fountains, pavements and parks become perches, watering holes, hunting and grazing grounds.

From June to July 2012 and beyond, Jungle City Clonakilty will be bursting with colourful animals, each painted and decorated by a different artist or design house.




The 24 endangered animal sculptures will act as ambassadors for their species. They aim to raise over vital rapid action funds for their wild relatives back home in the jungles of Asia, and give them a fighting chance of survival.

Get involved with Jungle City. Download the route map and take yourself on safari, listen to the animals speak with the official Jungle City audio guide, or truly own a piece of the jungle – buy a miniature from the Jungle City Clonakilty pop-up shop.


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