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Erik de Laurens





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My work challenges assumptions that one can have on the definition of industry




Erik de Laurens is a French designer, born in Paris he studied in ECAL at the Lausanne University of art & design. Following graduation he further went on to work for the famous French design team, Francois Azambourg and Claudio Colucci.

In 2009, Erik returned to his studies in the prestigious Royal College of Art, London run by the Dutch designer Tord Bontje. Concerned with sustainability and ecology, Erik began to source his materials from the environment using fish by-products as a resource for his products. By compressing fish scales in a specially constructed pressure container, Erik created a form of hard-wearing plastic that could be used in a number of products from cups to swimwear goggles. Erik is currently based in between France and the UK, working on a number of sustainability projects.

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