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Nilesh Mistry



Tiger & Orangutan


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Artwork that can veer from the narrative to the purely ornamental and anything in between!




London based artist Nilesh Mistry, was born in Mumbai. Growing up in India and being surrounded by its diverse art forms has undoubtedly been a major influence on his style. Ornate miniatures have given him an eye for detail, while the bright religious icons and movie posters are echoed in his use of the human figure, patterns and colour.

Whilst studying illustration at St Martins, Nilesh has always been interested in finding new applications for his work. He has designed greetings cards, packaging and illustrated an extensive collection of children's books. While, away from publishing, he has created designs for decorative china, glassware, a couple of saris and several elephants for last year's Elephant Parade! Recently he has gone back to drawing and concentrating on figurative work in the form of fashion illustrations.

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