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Antonia Tibble






Explores the constructed vision - staging of hyper-reality where fantasy meets reality




Antonia trained at Wimbledon College of Art graduating in Fine Art Sculpture in 2009, and was selected as one of the top ten graduates of her year in London by Kay Saatchi and Catriona Warren. This culminated her work to being shown in 'Anticipation', an exhibition in Selfridges in October 2010. She currently works as an assistant to Set Designer Gillian O'Brien's whilst continuing to pursue her art.

Antonia's practice moves beyond often restrictive boundaries navigating between set design, costume and prop making, photography and film. As the artist, maker, model, and viewer at the same time, she is able to make her work an elaborate theatrical performance of high gloss with a flamboyant masquerade of glitz and glamour. She stages a scenario, setting the scene of an intricately fantastical environment by creating situations surrounding places, times, tales and history reliving the illusion of a previous era.

Her work has also been represented by The Cynthia Corbett gallery and Murmurart appearing in a number of exhibitions in London and Paris.

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