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Sarah Harvey





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Aim to arouse not just a sense of well being and pleasure, but suggesting notions of insecurity, fantasy and sexuality




Sarah's paintings, predominantly of girls under water and mostly self portraits, frequently examine the figures abstracted, mutated, refracted and reflected within lush liquid environments. This then lends themselves to a paradox of feelings when being viewed. The paintings are without a horizon line, so are without a reference of anything solid to draw perspectives upon allowing the viewer to feel like they are under the water with the girl or acting as a voyeur from above.

With each painting narrative based, together they add to an autobiography that is gradually being written in paint. Sarah's influences coming from artists such as Francis Bacon with his Carcus and Crucifixion paintings, Egon Schieles drawings, and also Jenny Saville. Her paintings are steadily exploring many more issues that she, as an artist, is dealing with.

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