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Scott McCracken





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This imagery suggests alternate universes, virtual worlds and constructed realities; of a world similar to our own but one that we cannot ever fully grasp




Scott's work is concerned with the role of painting in a contemporary context, examining the way it is approached and viewed in the world today. In his paintings he investigates the formalist aspects of painting, consider the nature of representation and abstraction and explore the possibilities of paint's materiality. Scott's paintings present the viewer with a continually shifting pictorial language developed through the core activity of painting.

Having become interested in the process of painting, he has adopted a more gestural and dynamic way of applying pigment to surface. It is the relationships within the picture plane that are of significance to him as a painter, and by creating a tension between colours, surfaces, and spaces he makes an image that is both flat and illusionistic. Scott's research of practice is rooted in the production and accumulation of the paintings themselves, as this is the greatest way of understanding the material and accepting the medium as subject matter.

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