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Omar Castaneda





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Intrigued by the relationships of power between species, including humans, domination over other species (animals), to their detriment (often extinction




Political and economic relationships of power that generate consumption are present throughout Omar's work. By exposing elements such as death and domination, his work involves a display of the various species that surround us. His ideas and visions of these aspects between a range of species and culture create new schemes and processes of power for him to work with. This mix also generates a series of icons reinterpreted with the concepts of branding and marketing. Thus Omar's works are different objects from family environments that are exposed as part of the chain of power that maintains the cohesion of our social structure.

Born in Bogota, Omar now lives, works and studies his MA Fine Arts course at St Martins in London. He has exhibited both in solo and group shows across the world in cities including London, Madrid, Italy, Argentina and Colombia.

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