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Rick Ward






His paintings demand not only patience, but endless hours of observation




As founding partner of The Team, Brand Communication Consultants, Richard has primarily led special design projects for unique clients with whom he has a strong personal and intuitive relationship. With experience in the industry over a period of 40 years, Richard's formative years were spent working for prominent brands such as HSAG, Conran Design, GrappleGroup (SA), Cato Johnson, founding Lambton Place Design, CYB ( Young & Rubicam ). He then went on to set up his own consultancy before joining and founding The Team in '84.

Richard has clients including the Beatles, EMI, McLaren Cars, Lamborghini, Lloyds TSB, Microsoft, The Home Office, Liberty Syndicates, Ford Europe, Hennessy and Gordon Murray Design, Rick has generated an extensive portfolio of high-profile clients.

Originally born in Zimbabwe, Richard now lives and works in London where he is turning his attention to his arts practice.

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