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Emma Kemp



Tiger & Crocodile


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Practice oscillates between literature and the plastic arts to demonstrate alternate modes of thinking, weaving narrative pathways which continually overlap, converge and recircle




Emma is a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins which has provided her with a culturally diverse environment in which to agitate current issues and provide creative responses.

Emma's personal practice is underpinned by a strong sense of narrative, primarily concerning the futility in the search for the sublime and subsequent tragedy of such a quest; often saddened by mans impact on nature, many of her pieces address the imbalance between humans and animals, (and sometimes humans and other humans) or simply comment on the struggle of man to find place and meaning in the world.

Her work is non-medium specific, taking the form of painting, photography or text pieces. Other works include a flock of tiny wax birds, cast from beeswax and hung at varying lengths over naked flames; causing the birds to slowly contort and melt until they fell from their position to the floor, and a large Spanish pumpkin infected with tropical fly larvae which was encased in a transparent glass box; over time moisture began to fog the glass as the fruit respired, evidence of its breath, and eventually the larvae started hatching until the box was filled with swarming flies.

Emma has successfully exhibited throughout London and hopes to continue her masters in America.

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