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'Jungle City' set to thrill visitors in an extravaganza of adventure, art, conservation and fun.


Clonakilty, West Cork, Monday 2nd July 2012. From Monday July 2nd 2012 West Cork town Clonakilty will be transformed into a jungle with the only exhibition of its kind in the world 'Jungle City'. A collection of 30 life-sized, brightly painted animal sculptures was today permanently installed in every nook and cranny of the West Cork town. Visitors to Clonakilty are set for a wild and colourful jungle experience with elements of adventure, art, conservation and fun.

Jungle City is a unique attraction brought to Clonakilty in partnership with local charity Sustainable Clonakilty and conservation NGO; Elephant Family. A vibrant and popular destination, Clonakilty is also one of the greenest towns in Ireland. Along with its goal to be energy neutral by 2020 it has also helped to raise many thousands of euros to save the disappearing habitat of endangered Asian wildlife.

A 'safari trail' through the town, allows visitors to track the exotic wildlife and follow pug marks (footprints!). The exhibition features route maps and talking animals via a downloadable app. Miniature versions of the animals will be available for families to decorate in the Jungle City pop up shop in the centre of Clonakilty.

Derek Dillon, Jungle City comments: "We are very excited to launch Jungle City to visitors from all around Ireland and abroad. The spectacular life-sized animal sculptures have each been painted by international and West Cork artists. Jungle City is a fun and vital campaign that will also raise awareness and funds for the sculptures' endangered counterparts."

Piloted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year, Clonakilty has been chosen to represent Ireland as part of this global concept.

The journey to Jungle city began in 2008 when the people of Clonakilty and charity Elephant Family worked together to save a vital habitat of the Asian Elephant in Kerala, Southern India which connects two forests for the largest population of Asian elephants on the planet. Together with local artists, The Survival Tour was launched with the creation of 13 life-sized Asian elephant sculptures. The herd toured Ireland and England raising awareness and funds. With the backing of Clonakilty Chamber of Tourism, the tour raised half a million Euro for the endangered Asian elephant.

Jungle City is the brain child of conservation charity 'Elephant Family'. Local charity partner, Sustainable Clonakilty has joined forces to create awareness for sustainable living and what can be done in our own neighbourhoods to save energy and help the planet thus protecting wildlife habitats around the world.

The entire community of Clonakilty is involved with the project; each animal has been adopted by a local business. Local community groups, schools and artists have been involved to decorate and install the new residents.

In 2010 Clonakilty represented Ireland in Elephant Parade London .

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